Law Reform Commission of Western Australia
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About the Commission

About the Commission

The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia assists in keeping the law up-to-date and relevant to the needs of society by making recommendations for the reform of areas of law referred to it by the Attorney-General. The Attorney tables the Commission's reports in Parliament as required by the Law Reform Commission Act 1972.

A reference to the Commission may result from a proposal previously submitted by the Commission to the Attorney-General. In this regard the Commission and the Attorney-General may consider any proposals for law reform made by members of the public. The Commission welcomes suggestions for law reform projects.

The Law Reform Commission does not offer legal advice or deal with legal complaints of any nature. The Commission cannot intervene in individual cases nor deal with any matters representative of the legal system or the legal profession.

While the Commission encourages students to access materials on this site for research purposes, it is not resourced to assist with assignments.

Last updated: 8-Mar-2018

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