Law Reform Commission of Western Australia
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About the Commission

Current Members

The Commission currently has one full-time member and two part-time members appointed by the Governor of Western Australia. The Commission may consist of up to five members (two full-time and three part-time). Of the part-time members, one is to be a private legal practitioner with not less than eight years’ experience; one is to be a person engaged in the teaching of law at a university in the State; and one must be an officer of the State Solicitors Office.

Hon Carolyn Frances Jenkins

The Hon Lindy Jenkins
The Hon Carolyn Frances (Lindy) Jenkins joined the Commission on 9 September 2020. She is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The Hon Jenkins has practiced law in multiple Australian jurisdictions since her admission to practice in 1982. From 1989-2001 she worked at the Western Australian Crown Solicitors office, holding several legal officer positions including Deputy Crown Counsel. She has appeared as counsel in all courts in WA, the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia. She was a member of the Model Criminal Code Committee from 1999-2001, with the Committee’s work forming the basis for what is now the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

The Hon Jenkins served as a judge of the District Court of WA from 2001-2004 and judge of the Supreme Court of WA from 2004 to January 2020. She retired as the then longest serving judge in WA after presiding over civil and criminal matters in the jurisdiction for more than fifteen years. The Hon. Lindy Jenkins previously served as a part-time Commission member for 18 months from 29 December 1999 – 31 August 2001.


Dr Sarah Murray

Dr Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray joined the Commission as a Special Member in June 2019 and as a Commissioner in August 2019. She is a Professor at the University of Western Australia Law School where she has worked as an academic since 2007. She is a Western Australian co-Convenor and a Council Member of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law and a co-Convenor for Western Australia of the Electoral Regulation and Research Network.

Professor Murray graduated from the University of Western Australia Law School with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours in Anthropology) and a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours). Her PhD from Monash University was awarded the 2011 Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal for Law and was published as a monograph, The Remaking of the Courts - Less-Adversarial Practice and the Constitutional Role of the Judiciary in Australia (Federation Press, 2014). She is the editor of Constitutional Perspectives on an Australian Republic– Essays in Honour of Professor George Winterton (Federation Press, 2010), co-author of The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia – History, Principle and Interpretation (CUP, 2015) and a co-editor of Regulating Preventive Justice - Principle, Policy and Paradox (Routledge UK, 2017) and has published across a range of Australian and international journals.

Ms Kirsten Chivers

Ms Kirsten Chivers
Kirsten Chivers joined the Commission in November 2019. Ms Chivers holds a Bachelor of Laws with Merit Honours from Murdoch University. She is a Senior Assistant State Solicitor at the State Solicitor's Office, where she has worked since 2002. In her practice, Ms Chivers provides legal advice to the State Government in relation to a broad range of issues, including in relation to administrative law, parliament and parliamentary committees, statutory interpretation and the fields of freedom of information, privacy and information sharing. Ms Chivers is also the Head of Professional Development for the State Solicitor's Office, overseeing the development and training of all junior solicitors.  

Last updated: 8-Oct-2020

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