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Project 15 - Imposition of driving disqualifications

Project No. 15

Commenced: 1969
Completed: 1971

The reference arose from an increased recognition by police and the judiciary of the large role the motor vehicle had assumed in the commission of modern crime. Some members of the judiciary suggested that courts be empowered by a broad discretion to disqualify from driving a person who had used a vehicle in connection with the commission of a crime.

Terms of Reference

In 1969, the Committee was asked to consider the need for legislation imposing driving disqualifications on persons who committed crimes involving the use of a motor vehicle.


Following consideration of all submissions, the Committee concluded that the introduction of driving disqualification in this context, either as a penalty or as a means of preventing crime, was difficult to justify. In the circumstances, the Committee refrained from making any specific recommendations.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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