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Project 25(I) - Legal capacity of minors

Project No. 25(I)

Commenced: 1971
Completed: 1972

The New South Wales Law Reform Commission report recommended that the age of majority be lowered to 18 years, and that the law applicable to those below that age in respect of contracts and property transactions be codified. As the Western Australian Government had previously announced its intention to lower the age of majority to 18 years, the Committee confined its attention to considering:

  1. the changes to be made in the law in Western Australia to give effect to the Government’s intention; and
  2. the desirability of enacting a code governing the legal capacity of persons below the age of 18 years.

Terms of Reference

In 1971, the Committee was asked to consider the recommendations outlined in the New South Wales Law Reform Commission’s Report on Infancy in Relation to Contracts and Property as they relate to the laws of Western Australia, and to make recommendations in relation thereto.


The Age of Majority Act 1972 (WA) gave full effect to the Committee’s recommendations.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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