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Project 3 - Succession rights of illegitimate children

Project No. 3

Commenced: 1968
Completed: 1970

In 1968 a minute prepared for Parliament by the Legal Officer for the Public Trust Office drew attention to specific examples of apparent injustice caused by the existing law of succession in Western Australia.

The subject of illegitimate succession was touched upon by the Committee in its report on Project No. 2, which recommended that legislation apply to intestacies and that illegitimacy no longer be a bar to application under the Act.

Terms of Reference

In 1968, the Committee was asked to consider whether any alterations were desirable in the law of succession in Western Australia in relation to illegitimate children.


In 1971, Parliament enacted the Administration Act Amendment Act 1971 (WA), the Property Law Act Amendment Act 1971 (WA) and the Wills Act Amendment Act 1971 (WA) to implement the Committee’s recommendations.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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