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Project 33 - Dividing fences

Project No. 33

Commenced: 1972
Completed: 1975

One of the primary purposes was to clarify the circumstances under which an adjoining owner could be compelled to contribute to the construction or repair of a dividing fence and how to calculate the amount of such contribution. The Commission received a number of suggestions for reform from local government authorities, representative residents’ bodies, government, legal practitioners, community organisations and members of the public.

Terms of Reference

In June 1972, the Committee was asked to consider and report on the law relating to dividing fences.


There has been no legislative action taken to implement the Commission’s recommendations. Although the Department of Local Government began a review of the Act in 2000 which included consideration of the Commission’s recommendations, it appears that the review is no longer being pursued.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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