Project 35 - Unauthorised disposal of goods interstate: right to repossession

Project No. 35

Commenced: 1972
Withdrawn: 1983

In 1972, the Standing Committee of Commonwealth and State Attorneys-General decided that the law on consumer credit and chattel securities should, as a matter of policy, be reviewed on a uniform basis throughout Australia. As a result the Committee’s work on these projects was deferred by the then Attorney General. When the Committee was formally reconstituted as a Commission in 1973, it took charge of these, and all outstanding projects.

Terms of Reference

In 1972, the Committee was asked to consider and report on the law relating to unauthorised disposal of goods by a bailee or hirer under a hire purchase agreement where the disposal takes place interstate.


In April 1983 the Minister for Consumer Affairs announced that the model consumer credit legislation would be introduced into the Western Australian Parliament. Since such legislation would substantially deal with matters covered by Project Nos. 19 and 35, the Attorney General withdrew both references. The Commission commented that the security aspects of non-consumer credit might require further consideration in due course.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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