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Project 38 - Sale of undivided shares in land

Project 38

Commenced: 1972
Completed: 1973

Increasingly, the advertisements and invitations associated with schemes for the sale of undivided shares in land were found to be misleading. As well, some of the schemes had an excessive number of co-owners, some of whom were difficult to locate. Of particular concern were schemes where no precise commercial enterprise or development was specifically proposed at the time of sale or where no mechanism had been put in place for the proper administration of the scheme.

When the Committee was formally reconstituted as a Commission in January 1973, the reference was handed over as an incomplete project.

Terms of Reference

In 1972 the Committee was asked to investigate schemes that invite the public to purchase undivided shares in land.


In 1974 Parliament enacted the Sale of Land Act Amendment Act 1974 (WA). This Act introduced sections 19A–19D into the Sale of Land Act 1970 (WA) and effectively implemented the recommendations of the Commission.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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