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Project 55(I) - Review of the Justices Act 1902: appeals

Project No. 55(I)

Commenced: 1974
Completed: 1979

Earlier, in 1973, the Commission was given a specific reference to consider and report on the procedure for appeals from Courts of Petty Sessions with a view to such appeals being simplified, and amongst other things, rendered less costly (Project No. 48). The Commission subsequently received this reference to comprehensively review the Justices Act 1902 (WA). It was decided that the two references be merged and that the question of appeals be dealt with as Part I of the comprehensive review of the Act.

Terms of Reference

In 1974 the Commission received a general reference to review the Justices Act 1902 (WA), which regulates the procedure of the Courts of Petty Sessions.


In 1989 Parliament passed the Justices Amendment Act 1989 (WA) which substantially implemented the Commission’s recommendations. Importantly, the amending Act enacted the Commission’s principal recommendation to provide for a single mode of appeal.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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