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Project 71 - Exemption from jury service

Project No. 71

Commenced: 1977
Completed: 1980

At the time of the reference the law on this subject was contained in the Juries Act 1957 (WA). The Commission was concerned that the Act: (a) did not distinguish between persons who should be ineligible for jury service and those who should be given the right of excusal; (b) was discriminatory in giving women an absolute right to cancel their liability for jury service; and (c) was confusing and inconsistent in relation to the kinds of person disqualified from serving as a juror.

Terms of Reference

In 1977, the Commission was asked to review the law relating to exemption from jury service and to make proposals for establishing the principles and procedures necessary to ensure that exemption, particularly class exemption, applies only in legitimate cases.


The Juries Amendment Act 1984 (WA) implemented all recommendations outlined in the Commission’s final report.

Last updated: 31-Jan-2017

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